About Us

Food ... that is full of love!!

Our Aim- is to promote a healthy & delicious vegan life style.

Eating an organic, whole foods plant-based diet can result in vitality, longevity, internal peace and overall wellbeing. Likewise, adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle can culminate in an appreciation for the planet, connection to other people and nature and a sense of contribution that will effect many generations to come.

Modifying your life to cause as little pain as possible to other beings sounds like it should be common sense. We should be confident that the things we consume are making an effort to cause no pain, suffering or torture to another being. Being vegan is just the beginning though- and while many people perceive it as an extreme decision, for us at Veganlife, it’s just the start of a journey into caring about the way we sustain ourselves and the people around us.



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